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Campervan Hire In The UK

There are so many sights to see and experiences to be had in the UK that it would be impossible to cover them all in a short article. Likewise, it would be impossible to see them all in one trip, particularly if you confine yourself to hotels and hostels. By considering campervan hire, UK holidays can be much more flexible, enabling you to see much more of this intimate but amazingly varied set of islands. Avoid the hassles

Poring over complex timetables and waiting in the rain for delayed buses can soon take the shine out of your holiday, not to mention waste valuable sightseeing time. With campervan hire, UK public transport will no longer be an issue. Apart from the occasional stop for snacks and refuelling you can travel for as long (or as little) as you like. Start off at Land’s End and witness the sea’s relentless carving of the coast before heading north to stop off at the fascinating Eden Project. Perhaps you will decide to spend the night at one of Devon’s picturesque campsites or maybe you’ll park up in Wiltshire, on the doorstep of the mysterious and ancient Stonehenge – and that’s just the south-west! With no hotels to worry about, the choice of destination is yours.

The advantage of the UK’s comparatively small size is that it is possible to get a flavour of the different counties (and countries) in a short space of time. Step back in time at Derbyshire’s Chatsworth House, trek through the narrow city streets up to York minster and wonder at the incredible Giant’s Causeway; all over the course of a few days

Enjoy quality time
After an active day walking in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales or among the wild North York Moors, your family will soon become glad to return to a comfortable bed. By creating a home from home, your campervan can provide a feeling of security, especially for children, who can get homesick. As many other families have discovered, your family might develop a closer bond as a result of campervan hire. UK weather is notoriously unpredictable and even the most close-knit families can lose patience with one another while trying to erect a tent in a howling gale. Don’t risk starting your holiday on the wrong note.

Thinking of buying?
You might have already considered purchasing your own campervan but been put off by the price or the worry that your family won’t take to the campervan lifestyle. This is another great reason to choose campervan hire. UK highlights like the New Forest or Lake Windermere can stir excitement in even the most cynical family member and, by taking numerous weekend trips, you can seize the opportunity to try out different makes and models.

A brief note about wild camping
If you are attracted to wild camping (that is, camping wherever you choose), it would be a mistake to assume that this is always possible, even with campervan hire. UK regulations regarding wild camping depend on where you are travelling to. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, it is illegal to camp on land without the landowner’s consent, although it is often tolerated in some remote areas. In Scotland the situation is much better, with laws in place to protect campers’ access to public land as long as they follow the rules (e.g. no camping within 100 metres of a road).